About PlayOn

Every Kiwi deserves to have access to fun team sports and cultural opportunities. PlayOn brings players, coaches and volunteers together to make this happen throughout our local communities.

What is PlayOn?

Founded on firm principles of inclusiveness, PlayOn is a thriving nationwide initiative born of the need to support New Zealanders to continue participating in mainstream activities without discrimination.

Open to participation by all, PlayOn’s community-led, volunteer-driven vision is to encourage, coach and lead future generations through the activities they love, where local professionals, experts, administrators, volunteers and kids come together to stay connected and involved, to play and excel.

Community-driven hubs are vital links for sports, games, music and culture-loving Kiwis, and the organisation as a whole is committed to providing regular opportunities to engage or try new pursuits, as well as developing new pathways to nurture emerging talent.

Our Vision

  • Establishing a thriving network which pairs Kiwi youth with experts, coaches, managers and groups in their local area, and offers a diverse range of activities for group, team and individual play and cultural experiences spanning multiple codes, disciplines and areas.

  • Enabling everyone to continue to enjoy sports, games, performance, music, dance and more.
  • Forming strong nationwide networks to enable cooperation, connection and more.

  • Facilitating sporting and cultural opportunities to help Kiwi talent develop and grow.

  • Inspiring local volunteers and supporters to establish new skills and connections in a first-of-its-kind, community-led initiative leading the way to a more inclusive and free Aotearoa.
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