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Local sport for local Kiwis

PlayOn brings players, coaches and volunteers together to make sport happen for our local communities. Keep an eye on the Sport Directory below to get the scoop on new PlayOn initiatives near you. Register your interest HERE to get involved!

PlayOn Sport Is:

  • Inclusive. This thriving nationwide initiative supports all Kiwis to participate without discrimination.
  • Open. Everyone is welcome, even if you’re aligned with other teams, clubs or activities. PlayOn Sport was driven by the need to support people who may be excluded from playing their favourite sports, and all Kiwis are welcome to join in.
  • Compliant. PlayOn’s activities work within any applicable Covid Protection Framework guidelines, and we seek to be creative in our approach to offering activities within these rules.
  • Growing. We want to encourage, coach and lead future generations through the sports activities they love, and our PlayOn Sport hubs are expanding all the time.
  • Community-driven. PlayOn Sport hubs are vital links for sports-loving Kiwis, and the organisation is committed to providing regular opportunities to engage or try new pursuits.

Many hands make more things happen

We are currently looking for Regional Coordinators to oversee all the activity opportunities in their region and Local Code Coordinators to manage specific activity delivery in their location. If you are interested in helping out with either of these roles click HERE for more information.

If you want to contact us with ideas for your region please reach out to us at [email protected].

Sport Directory

RegionSuburbType of ActivityTarget AudienceProvider ContactActivity Details
AucklandGreen Bay/TitirangiAll inclusive rugbyAges 5 through to adultsPrivate Coach[email protected]2nd Wednesday of each month
AucklandSnells Beach, WarkworthCommunity Games5 years old to 18 yearsParent Volunteers[email protected]Thursday 4-5pm.

Sport for all. Turn up and play Touch, Football or Softball.
AucklandNorth ShoreBasketball6 years old+Private Coach0273067830Beginner/Intermediate kids we aim to help kids learn, enjoy and improve basketball through fun drills and 3 on 3 games (full court at times)

Advanced kids we offer advanced drills, 3 on 3 and full court to improve their game.

There is also the focused sessions with a smaller and more private group of 3-4 kids per coach to focus on drills tailored to individuals and game IQ.

The sessions are generally an hour or an hour and 15 minutes.
AucklandPakurangaFitness/BootcampYouthCRV Fitness[email protected]Bootcamps which involve cardio/strength-based circuits, as well as various games and sports, inspired activities.
AucklandGulf HarbourHealth and FitnessAll agesRichard Bruce Fitness[email protected]Movement based activity. Classes for all ages. This can be- Stretch and Restorative Functional movement Self defence and situational awareness Nutrition and sleep Health and Wellbeing
NorthlandWaipuGymnasticsAll agesWaipu Gymnastics[email protected]Fun, inclusive recreational gymnastics sessions for all ages and abilities.
WellingtonWaikanaeEquestrianKapiti Vaulting Club[email protected]Vaulting, Horse care, vaulting for therapy (for people with disabilities), Equine Therapy, Holiday programs, Birthday parties, Circus classes (acrobatics), Horse riding lessons and treks


Which sports and activities is PlayOn planning to provide?2022-03-05T23:41:56+13:00

Each region will be overseen by a Regional Coordinator who brings together a range of local Code Coordinators keen to get their specific sport or activity up and running in that region. Because venues and personnel will differ between locations, each area will have different offerings.

If you’re keen to set up a particular sport or cultural activity in your area, please reach out by registering your interest. We’re always looking to expand, and often the demand for a particular activity will drive it getting it set up, particularly if members are able to help our Coordinators with contacts or other assistance.

There is no limit to the sports and cultural activities we can facilitate, from the traditional sports of netball, rugby or cricket, to kapa haka or other cultural or performance-based activities, to music, choir or orchestra- each area is only limited by the availability and enthusiasm of local supporters, coaches and volunteers.

Is PlayOn for adults, or just for kids?2022-01-30T19:50:42+13:00

To start with, we’re looking to establish as many programmes for kids and youth as we can, but our long-term vision is expanding to include adult competitive or social sports, events and activities.

The pace we can move is all dependent on how many people step up to help out with new activities.

Can I join in if I’m already playing elsewhere?2022-01-30T19:50:59+13:00

Yes, absolutely. These activities are open to anyone who wants to join.

Can my organisation be affiliated with PlayOn?2022-03-28T22:12:41+13:00


If you have an organisation providing fun activities for everyone, and you are happy to abide by our affiliation guidelines we are keen to connect.

Fill in the Accreditation form

Once you have done that we will send you an application pack.

If you have an organisation who would like to provide activity for all but are struggling to be able to do so in the current circumstances, reach out to [email protected] and we might be able to help you with resources to assist.

Are you breaking the rules?2022-01-30T19:53:07+13:00

No, we’re not.

The organisation works within any current restrictions imposed by local or national government in the local area. By applying a creative, flexible approach, we can continue to offer opportunities for sport and cultural endeavours.

This may mean reduced numbers in a venue at any one time, running multiple ‘pods’ of participants, or scheduling activities at different times in order to meet the challenge of regulations.

Is there a cost to be involved with PlayOn?2022-03-05T23:45:42+13:00

PlayOn is a community-led, volunteer-driven initiative which strives to have local communities support local initiatives. At times, external providers may work in your space or there may be a need to cover costs associated with the sport/activity such as venue hire, equipment etc. As part of our commitment to accessibility and participation, we are looking for ways to keep costs to a minimum. With continued substantial contributions from volunteers and supporters, we’ll be able to keep providing great value to all our members.

How do I sign up to play?2022-03-28T22:11:11+13:00

At the moment you can sign up to get involved with what is happening in your area.

Soon we will have registrations open for specific activities that are being offered and you will be able to sign up online to join.

Keep an eye on our website to see if activities are set up in your area.

If not, put your hand up to help get things started, or check back on the website regularly to see sports and cultural opportunities as they’re added.

What safety measures are in place for my child participating in PlayOn activities?2022-03-05T23:38:12+13:00

PlayOn requires all adults appointed in an official capacity and working with young people to be police vetted. Child welfare is at the front of our thinking at PlayOn to ensure participants have enjoyable, meaningful and safe experiences.

PlayOn operates under a robust Health & Safety Policy, within Covid Protection Framework Guidelines and with a Code of Conduct that we expect all of our participants, parents and volunteers to adhere to.  PlayOn’s terms and conditions of operation can be found on our website and are subject to change without notice.

Will PlayOn still operate if the government changes the mandates?2022-03-06T00:15:59+13:00

YES! PlayOn is committed to providing inclusive community-lead sporting and cultural opportunities. We hope that students can participate in sport and cultural activities for their school if they wish to do so, however the PlayOn initiative will be available for anyone who wants to be involved.

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