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PlayOn is here to keep New Zealand playing, whether sports, cultural or creative pursuits. This all-inclusive initiative was born from a need to provide a sector of the community with the opportunities to enjoy activities they may no longer be permitted to access.

Here at PlayOn – everyone is welcome.

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Why become a PlayOn Accredited Organisation?2022-03-31T12:36:23+13:00

A burgeoning group of passionate volunteers has created this national network of like-minded people, setting up the PlayOn system to link players with providers and to enable more play for more people. The PlayOn community is growing fast. We can provide you with exposure to people who love the activities and services you offer. PlayOn is also committed to assisting organisations and venues to use creative solutions to continue to provide services to everyone.


Will everyone have to sign up to PlayOn?2022-01-30T19:46:32+13:00

No, your customer database is your own. PlayOn can provide additional support for you to build your database, and allows you to be part of a community of inclusive activity providers. We can also provide marketing opportunities to targeted, segmented lists from our database.  If you want help with selecting software to make managing your organisation easier we can assist you with that.

What happens if I’m accepted as a PlayOn Accredited Organisation?2022-01-30T19:46:32+13:00

We will add your group to the Accredited Organisation list on our website and give you an opportunity to advertise any upcoming activities to our extensive PlayOn database. 

You will be added to the PlayOn Accredited Organisations group as a provider, and we’ll be able to keep in touch with you, including providing helpful information to assist you in delivering activities in this challenging environment.  

You’ll also be able to contact us if you need help delivering your activities, or if there are local resources we can connect you with. We can’t promise to help everyone, but we’ll assist wherever we possibly can.

Is there a cost to becoming an Accredited Organisation?2022-02-01T10:20:41+13:00

No, it is free to join.

It’s important this initiative gets up and running as quickly as possible. In line with our values we want to make the PlayOn initiative as accessible as possible, however, depending on the growth and administrative requirements, there may be a future cost to keep the initiative going.

PlayOn is a not-for-profit initiative set up simply to allow more people to play more often.

Code of Conduct for PlayOn Accredited Organisations2022-01-30T19:46:32+13:00

Your organisation agrees:

  • To provide fun and safe activities for all who want to participate.
  • Not to discriminate based on personal medical choices.
  • To ensure all government requirements are met under the Covid Protection Framework.
  • To meet all necessary Health and Safety requirements required for the type of activity being delivered.
  • To act in good faith and not bring the PlayOn brand into disrepute.
  • To act in a way which builds strong community relationships and healthy behaviours.
  • To remove all reference as a PlayOn Accredited Organisation if you are found to be in breach of this Code of Conduct and to do so immediately if requested.
  • To allow PlayOn to remove your accreditation at its discretion.
What do I have to do to apply to become accredited?2022-03-31T12:10:32+13:00
  1. Submit a PlayOn Accredited Provider request form
  2. Our PlayOn Accreditation Team may touch base and have a chat with you about  your organisation to better understand your space.

    A decision will then be made about whether you fit the requirements.

    Your organisation will then be listed on the Sport or Creative Directory list (depending on which space you best fit) on the website.

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